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Our Website Design Process

A streamlined and straightforward process so you know what is happening during your project.

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What You Get

  • A beautiful and functional website without “breaking the bank.”

  • A frustration-free process so you know what is happening every step of the way.

  • A site optimized for both Desktop and Mobile

  • Standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Connecting the domain to the new site, and assisting to cancel any previous services, if applicable.

  • Training video and/or Zoom training on how to edit your own website, or take advantage of our ongoing-support options.

Get a Quote

Complete the form on the WORK WITH US page to receive a quote. The form streamlines the quote process to save a lot of back and forth.


For new sites only.

Once the contract is signed and your project is scheduled, we will send you an intake form (questionnaire) where you can share your inspiration, goals for the website and your business, and what you would like your site to accomplish. This step can also be done via a phone call.

Launch / Post-Launch

The moment has arrived when your site is ready to launch! There are a few steps to this final process, and we will make it as frustration-free as possible. This phase has both a pre and post-launch review, which includes a page-by-page and link-by-link check. You will be able to share your site with confidence!


Once you've decided to move forward, we'll send an agreement for electronic signature, then we'll clarify your brand and your goals to ensure your website reflects your wants and your business needs.

Draft Design

This is when we will request any files and/or instructions for your design project (images, content, etc.). With your intake form, or ideas from our call, on hand, we will get to work creating your virtual presence. You will know what is happening every step of the way.

We're Here to  Help

We're here to help with any questions, concerns, follow-up tasks, ongoing support, and future updates and/or projects. We want you to be happy and comfortable knowing that you will have the support you need to keep your website relevant, functional, and beautiful.


We do not invoice upfront unless the site is already on your account.* At the first review of the Home page only, we invoice 50%. The balance is invoiced upon final approval of the site, before it is transferred to your ownership. Invoices can be paid with online or offline options. Please see FAQs.


Once you approve the home page design, we will create or update the remaining pages, make edits, and finetune any elements based on your feedback. You will be able to share your thoughts throughout this process.

We do not invoice upfront unless the site is already on your account and you want us to work off the existing site, in which case we invoice 25% upfront and 25% at the Home Page review.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our processes and view responses to commonly asked questions.

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