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At Potterton Creative, we understand the importance of choosing the right website designer for your project.


A website is a representation of you and your business, and selecting a designer comes with questions, even if you don't know what those questions are. This page is updated periodically. If we haven't answered your question below, please contact us.

How we communicate.

Initial consultations are done either via phone or Skype, if that is your preference. However, we are computer people, not phone people. Our phone number is provided to clients for the purpose of the initial consultation and the scheduled reviews. Let us explain . . . Due to the nature of our creative and analytic work, work that requires a lot of focus, our phone ringers are usually turned off. We may also be on another phone consultation, and we don't think it's fair to any client for that limited time to be interrupted. Phone calls need to be scheduled, and we are available during the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm MST, Monday - Thursday, unless special circumstances apply. We communicate primarily through email, so as not to disrupt the flow of our work. Less time spent on phone calls means being able to keep costs down for our clients. If you prefer regular communication via phone calls, then additional rates for time involved may be applied to your final invoice.

Do you write and edit website content?

We do not write website content, but we can connect you with talented copyrighters. We know what we're qualified to write and what we aren't, and we will let you know either way. We do look over content for obvious errors, but we are not professional editors. However, we work with professional editors, whose information we are able to provide to clients, if the client elects to have that service. They invoice clients directly, and their services are not included in any Potterton quote.

Website Privacy Policies

Yes, you need one. If nothing else, it's good practice to be up front with your website readers and customers about how you do or don't track them and gather information on them. Do you have a blog or website that requires a login to comment? Do you collect emails for a newsletter or blog, or have an online store or mailing list? These any many other situations requires the need for a privacy policy on your website. Privacy policies are pretty standard for most websites, but we are not legal professionals and therefore do not provide privacy policies for clients. However, we can point you in the right direction and make sure the content is on your website. It's never too late, so if you don't have one now, consider putting one in place today.

Do you update existing websites?

We do on a case-by-case basis. It is often easier and more cost effective to start with a new website than to fix an existing site. If an update to an existing site is all you need, please contact us to discuss your project and we will determine if we're a good fit for your project.

What if we don't get along?

This happens. Really, it's a part of business and not everyone is going to have a great working relationship. Difficult clients may find that web designers choose not to work with them or end a project because the client is unreasonable in demands or is not professional. On the other hand, a client may elect to stop working with a designer who is unprofessional and does not communicate. It could also be that the designer and client are not connecting on a creative level. If this happens, it's not ideal, especially if you're trying to finish a website, but it's all right. If we, as the designer, are unable to fulfill our obligations to the client, or if we feel the working relationship is not helping the client, then we let you know. If the client uses the site we've built, then that time is billed. If the client elects not to use the site, then any deposit already paid will be refunded. If the client gave approval for the website, even if they elect not to use it, no refund is given. If the website is for some reason already on the client's account, we will delete the website and notify the client that they may remove our access from their account. Once a site is transferred to a client's account, no refund is given. If the client provides approval of the site at any point, no refund is given. We want our clients to be happy with their websites and their experience working with Potterton. If for any reason that isn't going to happen, we will offer advice and even make referrals to other web designers who may be able to serve you better.

Will my website be mobile friendly? Will it look the same on all screens?

Yes, it will be mobile friendly. We create websites to look great across all devices from desktops to mobile devices. While it's the goal to have the website look exactly the same across every type of smartphone, there can be variations beyond the control of the web designer. Mobile views are condensed for a reason (easier scrolling on mobile screens), which means some of the design elements will appear differently. No, it will not necessarily look the same on all screens and in all web browsers. Different web browsers have different code that may interpret your website differently. This is why you'll have some apps and companies tell you that their website is best viewed on ABC web browser as opposed to DEF web browser. You will also see differences when viewing a site on a PC as opposed to a Mac. Older monitors and computers may also show color variations from how the site is really designed. Individual user settings on monitors and computers may also impact how your site looks across certain screens.

Do you build apps?

We do not. We only design websites, and the majority of those with WIX, Weebly, and Squarespace. If you are looking for a mobile app designer, a simple Google search will bring up sites that allow you to search for a designer who might fit your needs and budget.

Domains and Hosting

Does Creative provide domain and hosting services. We do not. If a web designer says they offer this service, it's likely they are the middle person between you and the hosting company and charge you a markup for their trouble. We can help you purchase your domain and obtain hosting, but this is independent of the design project. You communicate directly with the company where you purchased the domain (if not with WIX) and you work with WIX directly on hosting. WIX offers great hosting options that are easy to understand and we can help you decide which one will best fit your website.

How much say do I have in the design?

As much or as little as you want. Your website is your website, which means communication is key to understanding your vision. Your input is essential and a designer should be asking for your input. If you already have a logo or brand that you need the design to be worked around, then your designer should be able to do that. On the other hand, some people prefer to leave everything about the design up to the designer. Just be careful not to become a difficult client the designer doesn't want to work with. If it's not fun for the designer, chances are their best efforts aren't going into your website.

Do I need a blog?

The short answer is: That's entirely up to you. The long answer is: Blogs are meant to be updated on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you can't devote some time to your blog (even just once a month), then you'll want to rethink having one. Blogs are a fantastic way to keep potential clients and customers informed about what's going on with your business. Some businesses find blogs useful while others don't, and that can depend on the nature of your business. Search engines like websites that are regularly updated, and if you're not refreshing content on the site itself, a blog can help keep your content fresh. Another great use for blogs is to use them for new item, sales, or special offer notifications only. This way you keep your site relevant for search engines while building a client email list. If a blog isn't for you, a news section or periodic newsletter sent out to customers and/or clients is a great alternative.

The Cost of Website Design

We work with WIX, Weebly, and Shopify, and costs vary depending on which you choose. When you look to outside designers to assist with a new website or refreshing an old one, it's important to know how much you're able and willing to spend, and then be honest with the designer about your budget. Websites don't have to be expensive, but you should be realistic about making sure what you want fits within your budget. Prices differ from designer to designer. Sometimes a project fits neatly within a package, but most of the time it takes speaking with the designer and going over what you want before an accurate quote can be provided. Even the prices in this posting are general starting points. Not all clients and designers are a good fit with each other. It's important to ask questions up front so there are no surprises. A good web designer will be honest about the cost of a website, even if it means they lose the potential work. At Potterton Creative, we quote work by the hour or by the project. Website quotes we provide range from $300 - $2,500. That's a big range, but that is because every project is unique. We allow for one website layout change before we charge additional time at the hourly rate. Additional Rate Notes: Stock videos are charged at the rate at which we have to pay. We do not add an additional fee, but these are not included in the website quote unless you request video(s) before your quote is provided. We purchase the majority of stock images from Shutterstock and Deposit Photos. Up to three of these are included within any quoted price. Additional images are charged at the pass-through rate, which varies from stock site to stock site. Clients may provide all of their own images, but this does not decrease the quoted price. We will look over provided content for obvious errors, but website editing is charged at an hourly rate, outside of the quoted package. We are able to provide a firm quote after we've spoken with you via phone call or via email. We offer a 30-minute complimentary call to make sure Potterton is a good fit for your project. We do offer a discount for certified non-profits and chambers of commerce. Contact Us Today

Do you recommend social media to grow a business or brand?

We have a few social media accounts, new in 2021, but we'll admit that they don't get a lot of love, and we have not actively promoted the pages. What we do post is done via Hootsuite. Whether or not to be on social media is a personal choice, and that is regardless if you're an individual or a small business. Many find value in it while others do not. We're pretty busy designing, and when we're not designing, we want to be doing other things, which is why we utilize tools that help us share projects without sucking away our time. That is a personal choice for us. Social media can help a business grow, but you should have a social media plan in place before you get started so it doesn't take away valuable time from doing what you enjoy most.

Do you work with specific industries? Are there any sites you don't design?

We specialize in websites for entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, e-commerce (home goods, clothing, and jewelry), interior designers, and non-profits. Our projects also include sites for business coaches, food services, and medical practitioners.

As you can see, we don't like to limit ourselves too much, but we do have some limitations. We do not design or work on wedding or political websites.

We also do not work on sites that feature or promote hate speech, violence, or illegal activity.