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Dr. Clint Parker - Educator, Leader, Lecturer, and Motivational Speaker

"Clint Parker provides the tools needed to redefine your mind, so you can create the space necessary for the important positive shifts that make every day better than the last. With a unique approach for every audience combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, Clint Parker guarantees a lasting impression."

Dr. Clint Parker is kind, personable, and his calm way of doing things helped make this redesign project an enjoyable one.

What we did:

Dr. Parker had a good vision of what he wanted, and so we expanded on that vision to create a streamlined site with strong colors to maximize the impact of his message. Only a few pages were needed, and we put together a layout to organize the text for easy reading. A blog and small online store were also added, with plans for growth. We streamlined the layouts so they'd look great across all devices, and took care of the standard SEO page settings.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

Clint Parker Ministries - website design by Potterton Creative

Clint Parker Ministries - website by Potterton Creative

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