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DMR Editing - Professional Editing and Proofreading

Dianne of DMR Editing holds advanced degrees in Biological Anthropology and Russian Literature (BA, MA). She began working with The Wild Rose Press in 2015 as a copyeditor and became a full editor in 2017.

Dianne was a joy to work with, and it's easy to see why authors speak so highly of her.

What we did:

Dianne wanted a simple informational site that interjected calming colors and scenes from one of her favorite places. We started from scratch with a clean, light, and calming color scheme that complemented the scenic image she wanted to use. Only a few pages were needed, and we put together a layout to organize the text for easy reading. We streamlined the layouts so they'd look great across all devices, and took care of the domain connection and standard SEO settings.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

DMR Editing - website design by Potterton Creative

DMR Editing - website by Potterton Creative


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