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Does Your Website Need a Blog?

The short answer is: That's entirely up to you. The long answer is: Blogs are meant to be updated on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you can't devote some time to your blog (even just once a month), then you'll want to rethink having one. Blogs are a fantastic way to keep potential clients and customers informed about what's going on with your business. Some businesses find blogs useful while others don't, and that can depend on the nature of your business. Search engines like websites that are regularly updated, and if you're not refreshing content on the site itself, a blog can help keep your content fresh. Another great use for blogs is to use them for new items, sales, or special-offer notifications only. Creative entrepreneurs may find they want to share how-to posts and other images from their creative endeavors. You can keep your site relevant for search engines while building a client email list. If a blog isn't for you, a news section or periodic newsletter sent out to customers and/or clients is a great alternative.

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