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New Website Design: ShopJMHome.com

Jennifer Michele, interior designer, already had a website for her interior design company (jennifermichele.com) that we had the pleasure of creating, and continue to keep updated. For the past few months, we have worked on her new furniture and home decor online, and are happy to announce its launch.

What we did:

We created this site in Shopify because that platform, we feel, is better equipped to handle a larger inventory. We used the same general color scheme as her design website. E-commerce sites are never-ending projects. There are always new products to add, discontinued products to remove, sales, new collections, etc., but Shopify makes it easy for the client to handle all these tasks, if they so choose. The website design features a responsive layout for all screen sizes, multiple collections and sections to showcase the wide variety of products, a blog, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Visit the site: shopjmhome.com