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New Website: The RAway - Coaching, Retreats, and Mastermind Groups

The RAway invites you on a journey of self-discovery with coaching, retreats, workshops, and mastermind groups. Soft spoken, optimistic, and wonderfully kind, the founders of The RAway, Sandra and Os, are truly a delight to work with.

What we did:

They had a few colors to work with, so we selected the most calming of them and built the site from there. The goal was to create a calm and peaceful online presence, and it was a soothing experience to read through their content and work with them on this project. We integrated a 3rd-party calendar/booking option to start, with plans to add full booking at a future date. The site includes multiple pages, a flowing layout, and basic SEO.

View our web portfolio.

Dorothy Sue Cobble - American Author and Historian

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