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Oddacious - Website Redesign

Curious as to what 'Oddacious' means? I didn't know either, but this company sounds like a fun place to work. "We create joyful workplaces through service to others." Still curious? Check out their website by clicking the graphic below. With as fun as they sound, it makes sense that the person behind the company was easy-going and great to work with.

What we did:

They had a general site that needed a full makeover. They're a tech-minded company, but didn't want a techy look, so we kept it clean with lots of white space and let the colors and images stand on their own. The colors is an updated palette of what they had previously. They also worked with a copywriter, who provided the updated copy. The layout looks great across all devices, and we handled the standard SEO settings.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

Oddacious - website design by Potterton Creative

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