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Plutus Young - Website Redesign

"We are multi-stage investors, providing support and capital throughout the development process." (Plutus Young)

We were tasked by Plutus Young, a London investment firm, with making updates to a site that had been started, but needed finishing touches. The client was fantastic to work with, had an idea of what they wanted, and allowed us creative freedom to do what needed to be done. It was easy to see the finished site in our minds.

What we did:

We updated the color scheme to bring in a rich blue and updated the fonts. They wanted to keep the pages at a minimum, so we created a fluid layout on the home page and kept one additional page, and changed up some of the graphics. We streamlined page layouts so they'd look great across all devices, and took care of standard SEO settings.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

Plutus Young - website redesign by Potterton Creative

Plutus Young - website redesign by Potterton Creative

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