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R.L. Dunn Author Website - Heart-Pounding Romantic Suspense

R.L. Dunn is the author of heart-pounding romantic suspense novels, including her popular Chase Security Series and her novel, The Cure. R.L. wanted to move her site over to WIX so she could easily update it herself and better showcase her books for easier viewing for both existing and new readers.

What we did:

We stuck with R.L.'s red/black/white color scheme since that is what her readers are used to, and then added a few shades of gray. The minimalist color scheme allows the colorful book covers to draw the eyes' focus. We gave R.L. a clean, fresh website, optimized images for faster loading, and set her up with a website that can grow as needed. Databases and dynamic pages are utlized to make managing existing books, and adding new books, easy. We also handled the domain transfer to WIX, domain connection, and standard site and page SEO.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

R.L. Dunn Author - Heart-Pounding Romantic Suspense Novels

R.L. Dunn Author - Heart-Pounding Romantic Suspense Novels


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