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Website Updates: Welch Education

Katie Welch of Welch Education was a delight to work with (we get lucky that way). She already had a nice site set up, and had chosen an appealing and comforting color palette, so she had already done a lot of the heavy lifting. We were called up on to help with some updates and small tasks to get her site in tip-top shape.

What we did:

We updated fonts, streamlined page layouts so they'd look great across all devices, updated a database and repeater function to achieve the appearance she wanted, made some updates to clickable links to cover larger areas (easier for visitors). SEO settings were updated on each page and a privacy and cookie policy was added.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

Welch Education - website updates by Potterton Creative

Welch Education with Katie Welch - website updates by Potterton Creative

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