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Dental Art Family Dentisty

Dr. Bruce Spigner is the kind of person who makes you want to visit the dentist.

Dr. Spigner requested a user-friendly redesign on his existing website with a beautiful design that conveyed what Dental Art Family Dentistry is all about.

They already had a lot of great content, so we put together a soothing color scheme, selected new fonts, and designed a layout that offered flow and user-friendly navigation to work great across all devices. We streamlined page layouts so they'd look great across all devices, included repeaters to achieve the appearance they wanted while keeping things organized on the back end. SEO settings included.

Dr. Spigner had a clear idea of what he wanted, and after our conversation, we saw his vision and immediately set to work to translate that vision to his website. It was a pleasure to work with such a kind individual and have no doubt his patients feel the same way.

MELINDA, Founder Potterton Creative



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