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Veterinary Psychiatry and Behavior Center - New Website

Any time I get the chance to spend hours and hours looking at cute animal photos is time well spent, and it was a pleasure to work with Dr. Tucker on the website for her Veterinary Psychiatry and Behavior Center.

"Veterinary behaviorists are doctors in veterinary medicine who have attended a veterinary program for 4 years post an undergraduate degree and then continue their study for an additional 3 to 8 years of specialized education, publication, and research. They are knowledgeable in all species, current scientific literature, learning theory, psychotropic medications, and medical causes that can directly affect behavior."

What we did:

We started from scratch with lots of white space and bright, cheerful colors, adorable animal pictures, interactive animal prints, and extensive forms coupled with a booking system. We streamlined the layouts so they'd look great across all devices, and took care of the domain connection and standard SEO settings.

View our web portfolio, or click on an image below to view the live site.

Veterinary Psychiatry and Behavior Center - website design by Potterton Creative

Veterinary Psychiatry and Behavior Center - website by Potterton Creative

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