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Website URL Length and Domain Tips

What is a good length for a website URL? When clients ask this, or don't already have a domain purchased by the time they work with us, we recommend the following when it comes to choosing a URL for their new website.

  • Stick with your company/brand name, e.g. You want to make it as easy as possible for current clients and new customers to find you.

  • Short is better. People remember shorter domain names, not to mention they are easier to type. Don't make people work harder than necessary to find your website.

  • Although, our next point is once you have a good length on your domain, don't make it hard to spell. If your business has an unusual name that might be difficult for people to spell or pronounce, try to come up with a URL that reflects your business without making it a headache for potential website visitors.

  • Avoid hyphens. This is not to say websites with hyphens don't do well, but it's possible that a hyphen could be triggered by a bot as a spam website. If you absolutely want to use a hyphen, use no more than one.

  • .com websites are still the most widely recognized, and it's what people are used to seeing and typing. If you can snag a .com domain, do it, and avoid the lower-quality (biz, info, name, online, etc.).

  • Don't stuff your domain with keywords. If you offer financial services, you don't want this: yourfinancialservicesandcpasolution. Not only is it cumbersome, but it could be considered spam.

A lot of work goes into selecting a website domain name, and it should. This is your online brand and presence, and it reflects your business. Keep it professional and relevant and you should be set.

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