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What Authors Can Share on a Blog

Authors don't need one more thing to do. There's already the writing (which takes a lot of time), and marketing (also takes time), so does an author really need to blog?

The short answer is no, authors don't need a blog. Let's take a look at the longer answer, which is how authors can benefit from and share on a blog.

We should stop here and clarify that when we say "author blog," we don't necessarily mean a blog that is updated several times per week, or even a few times per month. For many authors, a blog can simply serve as a news source.

A few things authors can post about on their blog:

The Writing Process

If an author is inclined, they can share aspects of their writing process. They can provide insights into how they come up with ideas, how they develop their characters or plots, and how they overcome writer's block. This can be valuable information for aspiring writers who are looking for inspiration and guidance.


Authors can also use their blog to share excerpts from their work. By providing a sneak peek into their writing, they can entice readers to purchase their books or engage with their content. Sharing excerpts can help authors build anticipation and generate interest in their work.

Book Recommendations

In addition to sharing their own work, authors can also use their blog to recommend books, articles, or other resources that they find inspiring or helpful. This can be a great way to connect with other authors and readers who have similar interests. By sharing recommendations, authors can establish themselves as a valuable source of information and build a community of like-minded individuals. As a bonus, they are helping their fellow authors, which is good for everyone!

Opinions and Insights

Furthermore, authors can use their blog to discuss important topics related to their genre or industry. They can share their opinions, insights, and analysis on current events or trends in the literary world. This can help authors position themselves as thought leaders and contribute to important conversations.

Personal Stories

We don't mean the details of day-to-day living, the names of your kids, or what you had for dinner. If an author wants to get that personal, then by all means. No, what were refer to are uplifting and inspiring stories that have helped you overcome challenges related to your writing career. These are especially beneficial for non-fiction authors if those stories relate to their book topic.

By utilizing their blog effectively, fiction and non-fiction authors can connect with readers, showcase their writing skills, and establish themselves as valuable contributors to their genre or industry. So, if you are an author, don't miss out on the opportunity to start a blog and share your unique voice with the world.

If a blog definitely isn't for you, then set up a newsletter! A mailing list, whether with newsletter or blog subscribers, is one of the most valuable marketing tools an author can have.

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