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Nantucket Coppersmith - Website Redesign for a Talented Artist

We've been busy in the new year and having so much fun! We've had the pleasure of redesigning the Nantucket Coppersmith website, and wow, the art is amazing. Heather Unruh creates "Original hand made copper sculpture designs inspired by a deep love of Nantucket Island and her surrounding sea."

What We Did: Not only did we get to spend a lot of time looking at her beautiful creations and watching whale videos, we gave the website a fresh and clean look to highlight her art and embrace the calm and serenity of Nantucket. We also created the logo, or at least put it together. The island design in the logo is one of her creations. It was important to highlight the conservation and inspiration aspects of her work, so a dedicated page was included for that (whale videos!) as well as various other pages. SEO settings were completed before and immediately following the launch of the redesign.

If you'd like to look at beautiful copper sculptures inspired by Nantucket's marine life, then visit the website and enjoy!

Nantucket Coppersmith website by Potterton Creative

Nantucket Coppersmith website design on desktop, laptop, and tablet.

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